Sunday, September 01, 2019

SEPT= Last rack payment (6 months!) IE the future of this site/page/channel, etc.

Hello again. Bottom line? It's been 6 months since I bought the Gibraltar rack system that has completed the amazing kit sitting in my basement studio. It's added looks, and extra-mounting space but most of all durability/stability! After this month I'll have December free to make another payment plan on the extra Kick and Snare mics, stands, cables, and the 8-channel XLR Snake that'll plug all mics into my interface so I can actually start recording what I play and DO something with it. I haven't really touched the kit in months other than a couple times so I'm looking forward to getting my playing on! I'll start with un-edited covers that I think won't get thrown off youtube. I'll do some pitch correcting and maybe CUTTING to mess up the ewwtube algorithms but other than that all my videos will be unedited to start. FYI: any of you are following this blog, or my ewwtube channel: thanks for waiting! More details as they come. ...D...

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